Aiding bees and beekeepers - BEE COMPLEX

Picture: project BEE-COMPLEX

The “Bee Complex” project:

The objective of the BEE COMPLEX project is to develop and use new types of bee dwellings, equipped with innovative sensors and communication channels, thus allowing beekeepers to work up close with the bees.

Honeybees are indispensable organisms in biotic communities due to their pollinating of flowering plants. In the agricultural sector, they are directly responsible for producing fruit and vegetables, and indirectly for growing new animal feed. 
However, complicated developments over the last few decades increasingly pose problems for a healthy, extensive population of bees (key word: colony collapse). 
The objective of the BEE COMPLEX project is to counteract this development. The findings and results obtained from the project should help beekeepers with their work, while at the same time promoting healthy bees.
The Bavarian companies participating in the BEE COMPLEX project will have access to new business areas and the latest scientific discoveries, thus gaining an edge over the competition.


Amarell GmbH Co.KG, Kreuzwertheim

AXSOL, Würzburg

Bit World Computing, Würzburg

eSTe, Röslau

Martin Elektrotechnik GmbH, Bad Brückenau

Schreinerei Massivholzwelt Schaupp, Aura

Das Vorhaben wird aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) und mit Unterstützung des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst sowie der Regierung von Unterfranken finanziell gefördert.