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HOBOS Nominated for the Clean Tech Media Award 2011

Thank you to each and everyone of you who supported the BEEgroup and its sustainable non-profit educational project HOBOS (HOneyBee Online Studies) atthis year’s Clean Tech Media Award competition. Be it with your online vote, your network or your entire mailing list.

The Honeybees Say “Thank You”

The HOBOS project aims to make students aware of sustainability and environmental protection, referringto the biological and economic significance of the honeybee.  In order to develop and push forward HOBOS, the BEEgroup has decided to participate in the Clean Tech Media Award 2011 competition, an environment-related award in Germany, in the “communication”category.

A special thank you to the German beekeeper’s forum www.imkerforum.de , the city of Würzburg and the Department of Biology at the University of Würzburg. General approval consolidates the project and we are already excited to see how the competition turns out.

The Clean Tech Media Award

From left to right: Marco Voigt (Clean Tech Media Award), Natalia Wörner (ambassador and part of the jury), Ralf Bauer (ambassador and part of the jury) and Sven Krüger (Clean Tech Media Award)


The Clean Tech Media Award is granted annually to innovative projects in the categories “energy”, “mobility”, “communication”, “lifestyle” and “new talent” by Clean Tech Media Ltd. (Berlin).  The result of the public voting is fixed. HOBOS has made it into the final round and is nominated for the category “communication” along with two other candidates. On September 16 2011, the five prize winners of the Clean Tech Media Award 2011 will be honored at a gala in Hamburg’s Curio House. 


Onlineinformation Clean Tech Media Award and InfoFlyer Download.

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