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Our future is called responsibility: responsibility toward humans and nature. We would like to support our offspring, at the same time make them more sensitive to our environment, manage ressources carefully. (Oliver Volland, secretary, KBA-Metronic)

Look, listen and wonder

HOBOS opens for everyone a gate to knowledge. The knowledge around an insect which is of utmost relevance fur us humans. Get right in the middle of a bee colony, skin deep without the risk of getting stung. A user of HOBOS can ask questions and answer them by himself based on HOBOS.

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How Do Honeybees Spend the Winter?

Bees may not be able to find any sustenance in the harsh winter landscape but these intelligent insects have developed their very...


Launched EU Project on Bees: Bee Boxes for European Schools

Bee colonies must be kept healthy, and not just at local or national level. However, international honeybee research is still in...

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